Parenting is hard, cut yourself a break

It is okay it wonder about what that other path would have been like

I have moments where I still wonder what life would have been like if I never got pregnant at 18. Where would I have gone to college? Where would I have lived? How much traveling would I have done? but then my brain always goes to, “Would it be more fulfilling than this? Could anything be more joyful and rewarding as this? Would I have actually done anything with myself if I wasn’t forced to grow up?” I’m usually snapped out of that daydream by “mama” being called 200x, a baby crying, or someone tattling on the other. I can wonder all I want when I feel like I can’t do this parenting business for another minute, but at the end of my daydream I never regret where I am today.

It is okay to fall short sometimes

I have times when I love the idea of being supermom. you know, getting up early and packing their lunches, pinning a bunch of ideas for them on Pinterest (and actually doing them), planning extravagant birthday parties and always being prepared for whatever disaster happens that day at the grocery store or play ground. Realistically I feel like I almost always fall short. Lunch ends up being a Lunchable for the 3rd day in a row thrown in a lunch box 8 minutes before we have to be at school, I end up spending $200 on supplies for all my Pinterest projects and never even actually do it (this ones my husbands favorite), I send birthday invites out a week before the party with a text and they are usually subpar at best, and I don’t even carry a purse and at least one kid is always shoeless, so I don’t know who I was kidding with that one. But my kids are still happy as ever. They don’t care how short you fall as long as you make up for it with “I love you’s” and an extra book at bedtime. Parenting is hard, cut yourself a break. (or pour yourself a drink)



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